Luke 7:19-23

What does it mean to become offended?  A person becomes offended when he or she reacts negatively to unmet expectations of someone or something.  “John, why are you offended by me?”  The word “offense” comes from the Greek word “skandalon” which originally referred to the part of a trap to which the bait was attached.

When a person becomes offended, he or she takes the bait Satan has placed before them.

The closer the person is to you who offends you, the greater the hurt, Psalm 55:12-14.  We expect more from them, and the hurt is deeper.

We are to do our best not to offend people, I Corinthians 10:32.  However, Jesus said that it is impossible to escape the potential of being offended, Luke 17:1.

Offended people are characterized by anger, jealousy, resentment, bitterness, hatred and envy.

The consequences of being offended are attacks, insults, divisions, separations, broken relationships, betrayal and backsliding.

Many people today are so used to being offended that they have come to believe it is a normal way of life.

Pride keeps us from dealing with an offense.  Therefore, we hold back forgiveness.  When we refuse to forgive, it is because we do not see ourselves, Revelation 3:17:-18.

We justify our bitterness, anger and un-forgiveness because we have been hurt.

To repent is to stop blaming others.  Jesus said we are blessed when we refuse to become offended.

What are some of these blessings?


  1. You are blessed because you have not taken Satan’s bait. II Timothy 2:24-26
  2. Satan will tell you that you have a right to be offended.
  3. We cannot choose what happens to us, but we can chose our response.
  4. When you choose to become offended, you pick up Satan’s bait which has a hook in it.
  5. Without realizing it, you become a captive of Satan.
  6. Part of the work of a servant of the Lord is to help them see themselves, lead them to repentance and help them become free.
  7. One of Satan’s tricks is to get you to become offended on behalf of someone else.


  1. You are blessed because you do not have to deal with a Root of Bitterness. Hebrews 12:14-15.
  2. A root of bitterness develops when you do not seek the grace of God to deal with a disappointing situation.
  3. It is like a boxwood hedge. It puts down roots that are hard to remove and they run underground and spring up in other places.
  4. The root of bitterness begins to defile all of your relationships.


  • You are blessed because you do not have to deal with the Walls of Protection which become your prison.
  1. When we are offended, we build wall of protection to keep it from happening again. Proverbs 18:19
  2. We insist that they pay before we forgive.
  3. The wall of protection actually become our prison.
  4. We become like the Dead Sea, not the Sea of Galilee.


  1. You are blessed because you take on the traits of your Master. I Peter 2:18-25
  2. He is talking about suffering for things which are not your fault.
  3. He is telling us to respond in a positive or Christ-like manner.
  4. Note how Jesus responded to the mistreatment He received.


  1. You are blessed because you become stronger after the Shakings of this Life. Hebrews 12:25-29
  2. The things which are left after a shaking takes place is what is important.
  3. The things that shake us up are only instruments to take away temporal things and leave us with what really counts.
  4. We become stronger after shaking if we refuse to become offended and seek more grace and understanding from God.

Are you an offended person today?  Who offended you?  It may have been year ago.  It may have taken years to develop.


Who do you need to forgive?


Come free yourself and that person today.