Title: An Exegesis of the Revelation
Contributors: Dr. William Oakley
Pages: 185

DOWNLOAD - Very early in the ministry the lord gave me a deep interest in the study of prophecy. In the pursuit of an education in college and seminary. that interest intensified to include not only prophecy but also eschatology and where the book of Daniel and Revelation fit into the scheme of things. As my studies in these were continued, my interests expanded to the study of Angelology and numerology.
After almost fifty years of study and reading over 250 volumes by many authors who approached the subjects from every conceivable theo­logical viewpoint, 1 have come to a position on these subjects that is rich and meaningful to me.
Out of that background, it is a pleasure for me to share my heart in this little commentary on the book of the Revelation from the pen of a Premillenialist.