What a blessing it is to serve with each of you in the Kingdom work our God has called us to.  Pennie and I are humbled to have the opportunity to serve the BSCLN.  I was asked to serve with the Coordinating Council almost seven years ago as a consultant to raise the awareness of working with local associations to encourage, equip and most of all, to enrich the spiritual development of the leadership of local small churches.  Most of these pastors do not derive their family’s financial security from the small church and require outside secular employment, hence the Bivocational portion of our name and one of our most important parts to our identity.

The BSCLN exists to be the primary cheerleader and personal friend of the small church pastor.  We seek to understand the unique issues and struggles that come with this ministry and we commit ourselves to partnering with you in the work.  I promise you that we will work very hard at finding ways to help you do the work God has uniquely called each of you to perform for Him.  Please check back often to BSCLN.Net over the next few months as we try to communicate what the BSCLN is doing for pastors and small church leaders.  In the near future, we hope to provide an expanded library of resources that will not only enhance your teaching and preaching but may even challenge you as a leader to a deeper and closer walk with Christ.

Another place we hope to explore in this journey is how to help the small church as well as her leaders.  We dream of partnering with state conventions and local associations to discover ways and means of accomplishing this task.  “What does your church need?” AND “What does your leadership need?” are questions that we hope to be asking a multitude of times as we seek innovative ways to partner with you.  Your answers will be of the utmost importance to us as we develop the BSCLN for the future needs of small churches adapting in an ever-changing cultural environment.

Finally, like all things, there is a financial component to this work that must not be overlooked.  In the past, the BSCLN has been the blessed beneficiary of numerous gifts and bequests that have underwritten the ministry of this organization.  Those needs continue into the present and will increase in the future.  I humbly ask of you two things.  First, would you consider committing to a small monthly gift to help us continue to support local churches and their struggling leadership?  If you desire, a single gift would not be unappreciated and I pledge to you that it will be put to Kingdom work.  Second, would you commit to praying for small churches, their leadership and the ministry of the BSCLN?  There is a multitude of small churches across our land and around our world.  In all denominations, the small church serves as the backbone of every endeavor.  Without the presence of the small churches, every denomination would see a severe loss of spiritual strength and financial support.  Please, join the BSCLN in our efforts to encourage, equip and enrich the work of the small churches and their leadership across our nation and around our world.

May God bless each of you as you seek to work for Him,


Joe Wright
Bivocational & Small Church Leadership Network
Executive Director