The “Loading of the Library” has begun. In the coming weeks, and months, you will be seeing new content in the form of books, articles, sermon outlines, and more which will be used to resource small church pastors and leadership. This is made possible my churches and individuals making contributions to the BSCLN.

Below is an excerpt from one of those great resources entitled, “Striving to be a Pastor Who Prays”, by Don Pierson. The book can be downloaded from the BOOKS page of our RESOURCES section.

Lord, “Withered” is an accurate word to describe my spiritual condition in these days. It is as though I have been debarked, left to dry, wither, and die. Lord, why am I not in mourning? Why am I not running to you? Why am I trying to find my joy in cisterns that do not hold water? Why am I content being a cloud drifting without rain?
The signs of “withering” are all around me, yet I remain unmovable, unmoved. So it was with Israel. So it is of America. So it is with me.
Lord, you can embark the debarked. You can give water to the cisterns that are dry. You can return the rain to the clouds. You can give life to the dead.
Stir me in a way that the mourning, the howling, the crying out, the coming to you is like that of a panting, thirsty deer. Do this in Trish, in my children, in their families, in my church, and in all your people. Leave none of us dry, withered, dead,