I want to express my appreciation to First Baptist Church, Nashville for providing a grant of $16,000 to the BSCLN. This grant will be used for ministry to pastors and wives in several state conventions beyond the deep south. This ministry will be known as North by Northwest and will enable us to partner with state conventions and associations in areas where pastors are often far apart. I am looking forward to working with a leadership team that will seek innovative and effective means by which to encourage and equip these servants of Christ. The simple fact is that the United States contains the third largest number of lost people of all of the nations upon the earth. Some of those to whom we will minister through this grant will be on the cutting edge of such lostness. Please offer thanks to our Lord for FBC’s partnership with us and pray that we will be good stewards as we use these funds in conjunction with 2017 Budget items and the resources of our partner entities.

It seems to me that the Lord has opened doors for numerous excellent events and real progress in resource development in the months ahead. Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Kentucky, Iowa, Missouri, Oklahoma, and state conventions in the northwest all hold prospects for significant sponsorship of events or partnership ministries for the BSCLN during 2017. We also have good prospects for significant progress in developing print and web resources for pastors and their wives. We have the opportunity to produce video for both development purposes and pastoral training. In addition, we have had a significant opportunity to develop an outstanding printed work for pastors’ wives. We have good reason to expect our Lord, if He tarries, to bring many of these projects to fruition in the coming year. Let me encourage you to:

  • Enjoy Christmas and the dawning of the new year.
  • Pray for our Board of Directors as they seek the Lord’s leadership in calling our next Executive Director.
  • Pray for those in our fellowship who are facing serious health challenges.
  • Select one or two of our possible projects for 2017 and pray for them until they are accomplished.
  • Prayerfully consider an end of the year gift to the BSCLN. This might be an advantageous time for you to fulfill a desire to give to this ministry. It would certainly be an added blessing and encouragement to our work.

May the Lord bless you richly this Christmas and throughout the New Year.