So we just finished a big part of a week preparing huge meals, discussing football games and maybe politics, making plans to shop and begin decorating for Christmas, and probably taking just a few minutes to be thankful. What was on your list and did you say them out loud to anybody? Studies suggest that having a attitude of thankfulness and being more appreciative aid us in being healthier and more enjoyable to be around. Give it a try for at least a month. Write down three things a day for which you are grateful.
Since last Thanksgiving have you been forgiven for a specific sin? Healed from a spiritual, emotional, or physical disease? Delivered from hell on Earth? Given mercy that you didn’t deserve? Been given a sense of youthfulness when you were exhausted? Be thankful because even when we are ungrateful, He is not easily angered, God puts victims back on their feet, He doesn’t treat us as our sins deserve, God pursues us even when we act like unappreciative persons, and He gives us grace even He knows us inside out.
Now go back and see if its not easier to be more thankful for each member in your family (and maybe even your congregation)…and make your list everyday of three different things you are grateful for.
Be thankful for every single blessing!