Title: Growing Disciples in Your Congregation
Published by: BSCLN
Contributors: Lester Evans
Pages: 15

DOWNLOAD "Growing Disciples in Your Congregation" - This illustration shows the importance of being captivated by a compelling vision, a well-defined mission, a definite strategy and an intentional plan to mature your membership through an effective disciple-making process. In this article we will explore several components involved in developing a plan for your church. These components will include determining where to begin, to evaluating current reality and envisioning God’s desired future, defining a disciple and what disciple-making is, and developing steps on how to design a disciple-making plan.

Title: Leading Your Church to Become a House of Prayer
Published by: BSCLN
Contributors: Don Pierson
Pages: 39

DOWNLOAD - For thirteen years, I served as a member of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Prayer Leaders Network and the question was often asked, “Do you know of any true House of Prayer in our Convention or out of it?” The answer was always silence. No one could honestly say that such and such church was a House of Prayer.

Title: Striving to be a Pastor Who Prays
Published by: BSCLN
Contributors: Don Pierson
Pages: 42

DOWNLOAD - Pastors and church staff, you need to understand that the writer of this book is just like you. No matter how many times I commit myself to being faithful in my prayer life, no matter how many times I pray, no matter how many times He has delivered me from “the dry and thirsty land,” I return to the desert. I don’t want to be withered, but my actions communicate a different message. No matter how many times God teaches me that at His feet, there is life, joy, understanding, peace, and Himself, I still constantly try to live my life and do ministry without Him. Pretty foolish, wouldn’t you agree?

Title: Taking Charge of Your Time & Stress
Published by: Salt & Light Publishing
Contributors: Dr. Lloyd Elder
Pages: 206

DOWNLOAD - As evidenced in this book, Dr. Lloyd Elder has done extensive study, research, and writing in the areas of leadership, management, and ministry. His first pastorate was in Alaska, followed by 22 years pastoring churches in Texas. His high management skills led him to serve as Executive Vice-President of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Ft. Worth, and following that as President of the Baptist Sunday School Board (now LifeWay) in Nashville, TN. For the past two decades, he served first as professor of Biblical Studies and Preaching at Belmont University in Nashville; then in 1995 he founded the Moench Center for Church Leadership at Belmont where he continues to serve as SkillTrack® Leadership curriculum writer, speaker and leader of conferences and retreats-giving training, counseling, guidance and encouragement to ministers and congregations locally and in states throughout the U.S.

Title: The Freedom of Being Yourself
Published by: BSCLN
Contributors: Ray Gilder
Pages: 80

DOWNLOAD - The concepts in this little book have been burning my heart for several years. I had begun working on this book when I was encouraged by a close friend to produce a book on bivocational ministry first.
I set aside this project and started working on Uniquely Bivocational which was published in 2013. My role as Bivocational/Small Church Ministries Director for the Tennessee Baptist Convention (April 1995-April 2015) and as National Coordinator for the Bivocational and Small Church Leadership Network (2006-Present) gave me abundant resources and experiences to put together a book with practical helps for a bivocational pastor. That book has literally gone all over the United States. I have been greatly rewarded by the many positive comments sent to me from bivo pastors across the country.

Title: Strengthening Your Association
Published by: BSCLN
Contributors: Dr. Joe Wright
Pages: 42

DOWNLOADWhat does it mean to be a servant to servants? In Southern Baptist life, it would obviously include the work of the local association of churches and the director of missions (DOM) who directs that work. An older label for this position was “associational missionary” and may still be a more accurate description of the activities of the DOM and his calling. Most DOMs do minimal “directing” but usually perform as a missionary for the local churches as well as ministry partner for those pastors.