Title: Growing Disciples in Your Congregation
Published by: BSCLN
Contributors: Lester Evans
Pages: 15

DOWNLOAD "Growing Disciples in Your Congregation" - This illustration shows the importance of being captivated by a compelling vision, a well-defined mission, a definite strategy and an intentional plan to mature your membership through an effective disciple-making process. In this article we will explore several components involved in developing a plan for your church. These components will include determining where to begin, to evaluating current reality and envisioning God’s desired future, defining a disciple and what disciple-making is, and developing steps on how to design a disciple-making plan.

Title: Leading Your Church to Become a House of Prayer
Published by: BSCLN
Contributors: Don Pierson
Pages: 39

DOWNLOAD - For thirteen years, I served as a member of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Prayer Leaders Network and the question was often asked, “Do you know of any true House of Prayer in our Convention or out of it?” The answer was always silence. No one could honestly say that such and such church was a House of Prayer.