Using the Servant Leaders Library“Walking Through the Library” (SL#2)by Lloyd Elder, Th.D.–host, guide, and writer of this script and diagram

When I travel as a tourist, I like to visit well-known or quaint libraries.
Usually I stroll around on my own, not joining a formal tour. But the more unique
or complex the building or the collection, the more valuable is the information
tucked away in the experience and script of “the Guide.” For example,
it could go something like this:

Hello! My name is Lloyd Elder. It is my privilege to serve as your guide
as we make our way through the Servant Leaders Library, a Web site’s
electronic library with its ever-enlarging collection. Please follow me as
we make our way together. When we stop from time to time I will say a few
words about special points of interest.

For purposes of this Servant Leaders Library tour, let us discuss this online
library as if it is a place and space to see and to experience. This is a special
collection focusing on servant leadership and a host of related topics. You
may want to take a look at the following graphic that goes with the script.
Then you are pretty much on your own.

  • Address: – Welcome
    to Servant Leaders Today! Step right up and Enter Here. Since you are now
    at the right address, find your way back on other occasions, and even tell
    your friends how to get by for a visit. Over the door you may see our stated

    “An Educational Web Site Investing in Christian Ministry Excellence”–and,

    “A Free Online Library for Developing Servant Leaders for Today’s
    Church and World”

  • Home Page: Home page, our front entrance hall, open to
    several possible rooms for you to visit, or at least to pick the ones you
    choose to explore. You can travel easily from Home Page to any other location
    and back again.
  • Servant Leaders Library: That’s the most expansive
    room of all and provides the primary reason for this Web site. By the time
    we finish Phase 1 of the library collection, we hope to post 400 or so articles
    on servant leadership, leadership models and skills; all related to excellence
    in Christian ministry.
  • Fourteen Categories as the main feature on the Home Page,
    introduces you to the larger Library Index containing 36 or so categories
    and subcategories.
  • Free Articles: Another menu button, which opens for you
    into the Library Index.
  • Bibliography/Links: This menu click opens the entrance
    to a vital section offering access to the research resources we have used,
    many of which are explicitly cited in Library articles. Exploring this feature
    may assist you in your own research into selected leadership topics. Clicking
    on Bibliography/Web Links, as the last of the fourteen categories in the Library,
    also takes you to its place in the Library Index. Bibliography will be added
    as article series are posted for your use.
  • SLT
  • About Us: Who are we, what do we value, and what are we
    trying to do with this Web site? Behind this menu door, we introduce ourselves
    and our sense of mission regarding servant leadership after the pattern of
  • Contact Us: Full contact information is given for Servant
    Leaders Today© Web site and the Servant Leaders
    Library©; we are just a click away by e-mail; Lloyd
    Elder, Joyce M. Byrd, and Webmaster Don Byrd are the primary persons responsible
    for this ministry of Lloyd Elder and Associates, Inc.
  • SkillTrack® Store: This online
    store displays two dozen leadership curriculum products made available for
    purchase at affordable prices. The primary purpose is to encourage and facilitate
    the development and practice of servant leadership. The sale of SkillTrack®
    Leadership Text/Workbooks, CD-ROMs, and, Study Guides, largely supports this
    free educational Web site.
  • Support this Site: If you benefit from this Web site,
    or if you want to help support its development and expansion, there are several
    ways you can join with us in this ministry toward servant leadership for excellence
    in Christian ministry. Just a click will get you there.

Well, thank you for going along with me on the Library walk-through. Be sure
to complete “Using the Library” overview by reviewing SL#1–“From
Library to Leadership” and SL#3–“Permission/Guidelines.”

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© 2006; hosted and copyrighted
by Lloyd Elder & Associates, Inc.

For full citation of referenced works, see Bibliography/Links at

Adapted by Lloyd Elder, Th.D., Founding Director, Moench Center for Church Leadership