A Great Resource for Pastors

In my book, Uniquely Bivocational, I discuss the temptation for bivocational pastors to become a Lone Ranger. While all pastors are busy, especially bivo pastors, we cannot ignore the need to find ways to help. Here are a few things I have discovered about bivo pastors over the years: They need fellowship, encouragement, additional training and resources. They will come to meetings if someone personally invites them. They respond best to one of their peers. The event must be practical and meet a need. If you strike out, they will not be back. They will have to give up something else to attend. Annual events need to be kept in the same time frame in order for them to schedule time away from work. Have something special for their wives so they can attend together. If they are helped and blessed they will be back. Working with bivo pastors is very rewarding but also very challenging. The number of bivo pastors is increasing continually. We must find ways to encourage and support them in their service to our Lord. For more information on this subject secure a copy of Uniquely Bivocational. Blessings, Ray... read more